Old-New-RossWith rolling hills, tranquil lakes and evergreen trees, New Ross is nestled in the heart of Nova Scotia. This relaxed rural community and its surrounding settlements have an approximate year round population of 1700. New Ross sits inland on Route #12, half way between Kentville, by the Bay of Fundy and Chester Basin, on the South Shore.

Situated on some of the highest grounds west of Halifax, New Ross' scenic beauty and hilltop views are hard to surpass, especially with the colours of the leaves in the fall season.
In New Ross natural resources not only provide beauty, but are the main economic base as well. Being in such close proximity to Halifax, the Valley and the South Shore, the New Ross area, with its plentiful pristine lakes, is a popular cottage region. In fact, the population doubles in the summer months with part time residents.
"Let's go to New Ross for the day!". These words are uttered often as people from afar conclude that what New Ross offers cannot always be easily found elsewhere. A visit to the always popular Ross Farm is exciting regardless of your age or how many times you visited in the past. A supper at the Forties Community Center entices many to come and try delights such as corned beef and cabbage, sauerkraut, turkey or roast beef.

The Annual Christmas Festival highlights what a country Christmas has to offer, including selecting and cutting your own tree, a giant craft fair and, of course, the eye catching carollers that can be spotted throughout the community adorned in winter attire, cialis for sale with songbooks in hand, standing in front of numerous homes, churches and businesses.

So come pay us a visit and be prepared to return home with a Christmas tree tied to your car's roof, a wooden barrel in your trunk, a bottle of maple syrup within close reach and a warm fuzzy feeling in your soul. Many visitors become so smitten by New Ross they decide to purchase an old farmhouse or impressive property among the rolling hills and idyllic scenery and call it home. Hoping to see you soon!

Experience Our Great History 1
  • Our History

    From Barrels to Christmas Trees!

    In August, 1816, Captain William Ross along his wife Mary, five children and 172 disbanded soldiers established the New Ross settlement. Captain Ross built a small log house overlooking Lake Lawson, and the following year, with axe and whip saw, he built the frame house which can still be seen with a visit to Ross Farm Museum. His soldiers all received land around the community and began clearing the land and establishing our great community. As the years went on many industries developed here including coopering, mining, Christmas tree growing and many more.

The Return to Family Values 2
  • The Return to Family Values

    This video tours you through the wonderful Christmas Tree industry here in New Ross and shows the importance of family values behind these great trees.